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They really should have called SF anniversary SFIII (plus old games) because it's really not apparent that street fighter III is even in the game, and it's like YOU CAN PLAY SFIII THIRD STRIKE ON PS2 NOW!!!!! which is really pretty phenomonal!

I played Guilty Gear XX with ravi and parker and kevin last night. I forgot how awesome that game was. It is really Seriously years ahead of any of Capcom AND SNK's stuff both in terms of mechanics and graphics. Personally I am so fucking glad that someone made a bunch of characters that had compleatly unique game mechanics to them. I mean, in the past there would be the difference between a ryu fireball, and a rose fireball, and it would be like "woah! she can REFLECT PROJECTILES? that's totally a unique element in the constricting framework of the game!" but in guilty gear, Each character have basic moves that challenge the Game Mechanics of the other characters. I mean, just looking at the characters' Dashes alone - in SF or SNK games, the dashes were all pretty much the same, except for maybe what special move could be cancled out of it. but in Guilty Gear, the character's speed, distance, tangability, and gravity are all variable through the dash - in addition to what moves can be cancled into. Plus, one of the biggest bonuses comes from the 4 new characters in XX. I mean, the brillance is that when you first play them, they don't seem too special, but they are all compleatly unique within the game. I mean, the basic tactic of the game is P=>K=
>S=>HS combos as well as Dashing =>low hit => combo => special move. But Bridget dosen't have a normal HS. her HS sets her yoyo, and then pressing it again brings it back. I don't think SNK/Capcom even have super moves that do that, and yet here is a normal move that does that, at the same time introducting a compleatly different and unique element in her playstyle. And then I-NO dosen't dash on the ground. It seems Simple, but what it means is that you can't dash=> combo with her the same way you can with most of the other characters! But at the same time, you can't defend against her dash the same way you can with other characters! plus her flying special moves are pretty cool and fun. Also, her character design is Really cool! (and when she is the final boss, and has the invincible super moves they aren't retarded like the SNK bosses, They are actually Beatable! um... yeah.
Zappa is really neat. I think it's so cool that they would challenge Fighting game conventions to add a character whoes moves change randomly. also, the idea of collecting souls is pretty neat. Like all the characters, Zappa is good, but only if you know what you're doing, but at the same time he's not tooo good (unlike Sol!)
yeah. It's too bad Ravi didn't feel like getting into the game, because it's really really amazing - especially when you imagine Capcom taking notice (which they have finally) and updating the graphics and gameplay to be more on par with Guilty Gear XX#.

Yeah. I think I'm going to re-aquaint myself with that game once I finish my thesis. and then maybe try to get thoes hidden characters. God, you have to just leave the game on for 100 hours or something. shit.

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