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Hello. I'm testing the new HTML LJ update thing. it looks good.
I had fun in santa cruz, until the day where I sat in the same room for 20 hours playing video games. that was lame. it made me wish I had A) my own house in santa cruz, and B) a car. and C) more friends that live in different places and have nothing else to do but entertain me. Also, I was hoping Liam would pick up his phone when I called him, but He was either at work or not waking up until after 11, when I called him.
yeah. Internet.... bloah

I am reading a book about money. I hella want to start investing, now that it's been de-mystified I feel like I could just start dumping my money into index stocks as some of thoes ibonds, which are gurenteed to adjust for inflation. Once I start working again, I can pour money into that, seeing as I don't really have much expenses now. I learned that your monthly bills should not exceede 20% of your monthly income, and right now my monthly bills are $50 for netflix and gamefly, and that's only 2% of my income, so that's nice.
so yeah, lets do that. Also, I should graduate soon. and change my voting registration, Although I could always just go to porter and vote. yes.

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