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yay! I finally fleshed out part A from 7 pages of bullets to 20 pages of 12 point times new roman!
Now I just have to do the same with the 10 pages of part B and the 30 pages of Part C!
then I can go back and fix all the paragraphs in part A that aren't actually connected, as well as the ones that are saying the same thing 6 times.

I actually really need some feedback at this point. It's kinda nice that I have so much to say, but I don't think I'm being coherant. Actually I think most of what I've written is written very poorly. At least I've gotten lots of screen captures of horrible websites so that I can A) illustrate exactly what I'm talking about and B) when websites suddenly dissapear I still have record of how horrible they were.

hrm... The screen is going wavy. maybe I'm tired. I'm thinking about the glory days of when we got on the worst of the worst playlist with out hit song I can only cry. ohwe welllllll.... thoes were fun days. I still have all my cool songs from that site. yeah......

muppet christmas carol was really good! the actor that played Scrooge was very human - you totaly believed that he was just totally misguided. it was very fun.
It's also fun (rediculious) to think about the star wars comentary where lucas talks about how he thought all the puppets and stuff weren't as good as in George Lucas' VISION© because I get the feeling George Lucas' VISION© looks a lot like the muppet movies. as in totally rediculious. kinda like Jar jar.
god, what the hell is his problem!!!!! he's like michael jackson - taking something awesome and timeless, and fucking with it and being unable to be like "ok that was then, I will not rehash it, or change it, or pretend I can make a comeback album"

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