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09 October 2004 @ 11:59 pm
so I'm at work, and we don't have internet, but I'm gonna write this.
I'm listening to tick, tick boom, which I recieved from emika. It's cool. I want to sing and write songs like this. songs that really connect with real lives. but then again, don't we all? It's funny because I Am Already worrying about the rest of my life. not like career or finances, but more worrying that I won't have life outside of career. I mean, I really like what I do at work (when It's actually what I'm supposed to do, not moving fucking boxes) but I really can't stand having no peer interaction. I mean, I am so glad that J is here cause at least I can talk to him when he comes in. but we work in opposite sides of the building, and most of the time I am by myself, (which is good and bad.) but yeah, I think I do command a measure of respect, and my services have become some what crucial to the stuff going on here. like today I seriously had 5 people needing my immediate help within 5 seconds of walking into the door. I asked Pat if I could work only 4 days a week, and that makes me happy. Maybe I'll ask for a raise.
I'm also going to try and get a freelance job doing the Friend's website. I tried to buy dreamweaver, but my fucking credit card is expired according to apple.com. except it isn't, cause I used it at the fucking apple store earlier that day. I wonder if I can just buy the academic version of dreamweaver at the apple store. they look at my ID to see if it's valid there. but oh well, I'll just bring J or or my sister. yeah. ok
I will scan thoes charlie brow pictures in soon.
Now I need to make a work plan for what I'm going to do this comming week. That will be cool! man, these fucking movies are taking forever to make. Hopefully I can sort thoes stupid things into their envelopes and shit. that would rock. Actually I could scan them and then put them away, that would make sense. oh, and since I fucking have my own laser printer I can just print them over here by myself.
God I'm so glad I got unattached to that other fucking Windows ME computer A.K.A the computer hooked up to the printer. All I need is internet on my Macs, and that will rock. hahaha!
I need to bring my old netgear in here so that I can connect to them wirelessly. Then We can get the gigabit switch in here and it won't be so hard to transfer fucking 20GB movie files back and forth between the computers. holy shit that would be so great. I wish my Powerbook had gigabit ethernet. I need to take the stupid camp food home so that I can use the damn box it's in. it's like, we're totally short on storage, and they're using an entire box to store about $15 of crackers that wont get used until december AT THE EARLIEST. god, so fucking retarded.
Ha Ha Lillian is in my old Taiko Club. I should send her a poster of Me that says "I LOVE CHRIS" in japanese. also a T-shirt so she can wear it all around and have people go "OMG! you know chris! he was totally great!" hahahaha Keep thinking about that sureal japan experience. man....
uh, whatelse? I look nice right now. I wish I had somewhere to go. I need to make more kick ass photoshop art. I have some good ideas. I was playing around with the inverted display mode in the handicap options on the mac, and looking through iphoto. and I saw some totally amazing stuff. Just by reversing colors, normal crappy photos of random people at someone's church become totally amazing art. It's uncanny! man. I'm totally go do that.

I should write up some specs about the feasibility of selling photos and posters at shows. The second saturday shows have already compleatly sold out. oh just rememebd somehting....

This was typed at like... 3 pm.
Emikaemika on October 10th, 2004 08:06 am (UTC)
Yay for tick tick boom! Good luck on surviving working at the theatre. Hey, atleast you'll have company when everyone comes back during winter break, and Eleanor will be there afterwards. Definitely ask for a raise - you deserve it!
Brianbriguy508 on October 10th, 2004 11:31 am (UTC)
Hey Chris!

I feel so out of the loop. I know you're working with Michael's computer equipment, but I don't know exactly what it is yo're doing. I wish I could come in to the theater and actually see the space you work in. Is it still a corner of tables in the rehearsal hall with boxes all around it? Remember when people actually REHEARSED in the rehearsal hall?

So do you have pictures from shows up on the web or something? I'd love to check out what you do at the theater sometime! Take care!
Ravi Kanodialine88 on October 10th, 2004 07:23 pm (UTC)
A Story About a Box of Crackers
At the youth group at the Unitarian church, there used to be a filing cabinet. The filing cabinet was (theoretically) supposed to contain, among other things, snacks for the youth group. The only food items that were inside it were a box of Cheez-its and a bag of animal crackers that had been left behind by a group from years past. No one would ever eat them, because they were stale as all hell. However, no one would ever buy new snacks, because 'We already have the cheezits and animal crackers that never get eaten.'

This vicious cycle continued for at least a year or two, until a youth sleepover one night where we played a game of silent football. We decided that the penalty for losing one game would be to eat the animal crackers. And then the penalty for the next game would be to eat the cheezits. The youth advisor, Don Smith, was so appalled that he nearly threw the stuff away, but we ended up eating it anyway (after the first handful, of course everyone felt compelled to eat the stuff to prove how tough their stomachs were or sommin.) It was so old that it had gone past 'stale' to 'soft and crumbly'. They didn't crunch at all, they just sort of broke up and clung to my teeth and tongue and gums.

The end.