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18 October 2004 @ 09:44 pm
Frightening post.  
For anyone who has a journal that goes back to freshmen year, I really recomend reading it. man, I found this post randomly, and it's really weird to read it. It makes me glad I keep this thing updated. I feel pretty vulnerable when I read it. And it makes me miss hanging out with liam, and all the other things that I miss from freshmen year.
is it sad that I'm not even officially graduated and I already sing that Avenue Q "I wish I could go back to college song" over and over in my head. Shit!
Siner Dsirnerd on October 20th, 2004 11:55 am (UTC)
I noticed taht a lot of things have changed since freshmen year too. I think I got it almost all out of my system though. I did some crazy and stupid things, but I think if I didn't, I would regret not having a crazy college experience. It's weird cause my attitude and confidence were so different my first two years of college, and then I sort of reverted back to my less confident and risk-taking state. I think it's partly because I have so much homework to do now, and partly due to not having a need to impress people anymore, and partly cause I gained so much weight because of my not needing to impress people anymore. It's weird not having a party or event to go to every weekend, and it's weird that people are done with college already. It's also weird not wanting to drink or do drug-related things most of the time. There was a point where I'd choose those things over video games and hanging out, but now I'd rather just hang out or play video games than party most of the time.

I'm really glad i decided to post a lot during that time too cause it sort of chronicles the times better. I made a comment about how a lot of cool things that were happening in my life wouldn't be written down cause I wasn't livejournaling that much for a while, and it sort of is like that. we only remember really really good things or really bad things, and everything else in the middle is forgotten usually.