MegaMan (megaman) wrote,

I don't really feel like doing anything today.
I think I'm going to write e-mails to people in japan or that i met in japan, and maybe work on my thesis.
but first I need to go and buy thoes scanners.
I don't think my boss has a plan for The day. blah. I should read my book, but instead I'm trying to learn songs for the show on friday. which is nice.
It's not that i'm being lazy, it's just that these things take forever to process.
and I'm tired, and don't want to type up more programs.

I think we shold cover "under the sea" and "part of this world" form little mermaid.
I need to practice banjo instead of playing video games.
yep. that's the truth.

I want to try and write a play or movie or something. It's going to be an indie love story focusing on a boy who has a blind spot right in the middle of his vision, so he can't see people's faces unless he looks out the perifery of his vision. This makes the part where he gets into a gun fight and kills his lover more exciting and tragic. I would really like to make it a multiple choice/choose your own adventure DVD. I really think there needs to be more of thoes. Ideally it would also be a musical featuring the music of Rilo Kiley. I just need to work on it. And speaking of work, DVDs take like 2 hours to burn and verify. when they don't work they give retarded errors like "Video Bitrate too high" which means that you need to re-compress the audio, and so the solution has nothing to do with video bitrate.
I need to go home and get the updater. blah.

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