MegaMan (megaman) wrote,

we had a magical show today! I think Ben totally thought it was great! He was tempted to stay in the band, but his new job in the government would prevent it. oh well....

Man, I can't wait for my engraved photo ipod! It's gonna fucking kick ass!

uh, need medical insurance.
I'm gonna make cool "how-to" videos for the stuff I do at work soon. I'm also going to make photoshop how-to videos.
I still don't understand why they take the really lame looking photos instead of the cool ones. They have no concept of the rules of photography, and are like "oh, that one has her hat cut off, We can't use it." and so they use the really boring one that's super zoomed out and you can see the hat and the shoes.

Wow! I just found out that Quicktime's Mpeg4 is the first delevery codec to support automatic gamma correction!

now I'm in chico.

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