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Drawn together was very strange, but funny. It's strange in comparison to its obvious peers, the willams street cartoons because of the pacing. Drawn together moves at 4-6 times faster than aqua teen or sealab, making if feel almost spaztic in comparison. However It had full frontal male and female nudity, which I wasn't expecting. The subject matter is obviously much racier than adult swim stuff. um, why am I spending so much energy writting a review like this. no one cares, jkksadfnjkj um yeah. I thought it was funny, and they said penis and vagina a lot. and the part where the yellow thing got shot out of her vagina all covered with brown stuff was kinda nasty. One of the things that bothers me personally is that Ling-Ling is just saying Gibberish. I think they could have at least done a babelfish translation, or something. That also bothered me in the team america movie which the jibberish arabic, but I understand that that was making fun of american's perception of other cultures. Dirka Dirka! Jihad! Jihad!
um. I was going to
oh yeah! I remembered...
I think one of the things we need to do in this country is move around more. I think that one of the things this election illustrated was the polarized way that this country thinks. I think that if we mix it up a bit, get people in the south and midwest to see what life on the coast or up north is like that would help people understand the diversity in the country. One of the things I read in Time magazine said that Americans are so used to having things their way, right away (at burger king now) that they don't know how to compramize, especially with the arena of politics.
I'm not being very lucid.
Fuck this fucking shit!

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