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Dear Bush,
As you may have heard, there are things in the world called other countries. They do things differently in these places. one of these places is called Japan. Their economy was down the toilet, and then they did intelegent things filled with planning and forethought, and now their economy is improving. I think that we should do a similar thing too! I found a website that explains more. I know you don't like/know how to read, so I found a website that will tell you the information orally (that means through the mouth - it's a fancy way of saying "talk'n") just like when people tell you the information through a radio transmitter during speeches and debates.
I hope you have fun! and may God smite the Gay fags ruining marrige for christians, Just like in leveticus!
P.S. After church we should get compleatly drunk and then do cocaine and then country line dance on the backs of the mexicans that pick strawberries in the sun all day just so you can shit them out your ass.

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