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Two questions

So I got a 60GB photo ipod, and it's rockin! However shortly after getting it, I discovered that I was going to use one or more 3rd party apps to get it to do what I want it to do.

I would like to hear some recommendations for ways to be able to
A) use the ipod as an ipod (you know, portable music player - the primary function)
B) use the ipod as a storage device for my music, so I don't have to keep it on my powerbook's hard drive.
C) be able to plug my ipod into any mac and play music off it (which means keep it in manual update mode)
D) still be able to quickly pull music off my ipod so that I can burn cds of it.
E) be able to potentially pull all my music off of the ipod back into itunes and retain things like play count and song rating.
F) be able to update ID3 tags on songs when running the ipod through my computer at work, and then synchronize the changes (ipod => itunes) when I get home and plug back into my home library.
G) possibly share music from my ipod directly so my housemates can listen to my music.

I'm currently using a combination of ipod extractor, senuti, Sync ipod-itunes data and am able to achieve points A, B, C and D, although it's slow and buggy. (I found a program called music publisher that would do G, but I couldn't get it to share my ipod, although it did share my USB keychain drive, which is actually really cool!)
Ideally I would like to be able to do all these things automatically with one or two programs, and I thought it would be safer to see what other people do instead of personally testing out a bunch of v0.2 beta freeware and shareware apps off of

Thank you very much!

My other question is, Yesterday when I came home The fans on my mom's 2.5Ghz G5 (purchased Sep 2 2004) were blowing full blast, loud enough to hear several room's away. It looked like it was in sleep mode, but I couldn't wake it up via the keyboard or by pressing the powerbutton. Finally I had to turn it off by holding in the powerbutton. When I turned it back on everything seemed fine.
I don't know what was happening before I got home, but I suspect the computer was doing nothing more than running mail. I looked at the logs, and the last thing was about 15 minutes before I reset the computer and I think said something about time Synchronization (I don't remember what it was exactly, I should look)
My mom says that this kind of thing has happened before, although this is the first time I have witnessed it. (I have witnessed it doing things like making bad HD crunching noises, and an instance where Quark 6.1 would crash on opening on the system disk, but dragging the application folder to the other internal drive and then opening it never crashed - an issue I chalked up to Quark being problematic. [This was eventually fixed by disabling the XML extension in Quark.])
So my question is: Do these problems sound familiar to anyone? I know people have had dud G5s, is this one of them? Is this Does this mean I have to lug the heavy ass thing back to the apple store and get a new one?
Thanks so much. Please feel free to ask for clarification.

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