MegaMan (megaman) wrote,

what do I do today? Will it be interesting? will it be entertaining?
no. it will not.
I do neeed to take a shower. I don't want to go home, because the carpet cleaning people will be there. maybe I can go wander around in the rain. or something.
dick suck.
I typed up my costs sheet for doing picture selling. maybe that will happen.
now I just need to create a a system for the distrabution and such. huzzah!

Last night brittany and I assulted Zoe and her housemates. Then Ms. B. Warren sung the vibrator song.
Thoes songs are funny. I need to get some copies of them on to my computer! maybe from karen, or maybe from my old computer!

I wrote something!

Guilty Gear Isuka came today!
Also, uh.
I like the new

Street Fighter III was such an awesome game!

Kim, the choreographer casually asked if i was interested in a bit part in some play somewhere. By "bit part" I mean, go on stage for 2 minutes then run off kind of thing. I told her I was interested because why shouldn't I? that made me happy.
It also made me think about how I'm getting a lard belly, and need to do some exercises to deal with that. and by "some exercises" I mean "any excercise" I also need to update my "ónline résúmé."

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