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more work fun!

man, I totally love Bump of Chicken. Their songs are so fucking epic! And the only way I know about them is I was like "lets rent a random CD at Tsutaiya" and seriously just pulled it blindly. But yeah, they're much more than a J-rock band. I mean, GLAY is good, and smap is "fun" but Bump of Chicken just has so much emotion in their music, especially the lyrics. And even though I can't understand everything that they are saying, I am able to understand enough that I'm like "oh that's beautiful" It's like Japanese Jets to Brazil.
Although I sometimes I feel kind of silly just talking about the same bands over and over, but I really Like jets to Brazil, and still enjoy hearing them even after listening to them for like... 3 years.
I wonder if they're playing around here.
The song that Bump of Chicken did for the ONE PIECE movie was really cool. it's called Sailing day, and it has some really great epic elements musically. I mean, their stuff is epic normally, and then this is supposed to be epic because it's for for a treasure hunting action movie!

oh, How do I make a on the go play list? I don't remember.

I updated my resume
I need to update the pictures, some of them are pretty stupid looking. also, they're all from like 2002...

Also, I like the current dreamweaver. I liked the older (broken/slow) version, but after using golive for a bit I'm and then going back to dreamweaver I'm liking it more. maybe it's because Dreamweaver is the first thing I used, but I like it more.

I guess I should file more pictures.
It's nice to just write in Livejournal like this. I mean, sometimes I'm like, blah, these pictures can file themselves and just type. so yeah... I think it's funny that Michael didn't know I came to work today. Which is nice, because it means that he usually doesn't hear me come in late as I sneak past him. desu.

oh man! the archive computer will be networked to the macs. I think I will upgrade it to WinXP. The nice thing is that I will be able to start incorporating the archive computer into the DVD making experience and begin my plan to turn everything into a huge database. wouldn't that rock? I really think this is something that I will have to just do and then when people come and learn how to do this I'll be like "you use this archiving thing" and it will become the system because I'll just start using it instead of because the bureaucratic machine switched to using it.

Hrm.... well, I dont have any supervision right now.
I finally got the 411 on the projections for joseph.
Speaking of which, I should make a joseph poster. but it's sooo cold here! I think I will just... uh... not do that.

I like our copier. It's nice that it actually can copy Photos well if you set it to do so.
I don't like the fact that Alison has basically forgotten all about the postcard project. I think she is just as tired and lazy and depressed as I am about working here and so we're both like "blah, if no one tells me to do it, it shouldn't matter too much.

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