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So... I compiled all 6GB of choji moji audio files into one place. now I can sort through them and archive all the WAV files and all the versions of the mp3 files and give everything Album art and ID3 tags. in preparation for Putting the Urban Pirates Virtual Label into effect. Also, I can take the tapes of the live shows and Digitize them. Such as the First Pound Show and stuff liek that.

In other news, The Sims2 could be such a great game. I really have to give mad props to the designers (and all the illegal overtime hours they put into making the game) For making such well rendered humans. The animations and the body physics and animation are so lifelike. Last night I was demoing the slideshow Game to ravi and I made the mutant deformed Muppet Baby and even though she was hideous, the animations and interactions between her and the other sims were so cute and realistic that I felt bad and put her into a real family with QBart her older teenage brother (who I wanted to make a teenage father, but I guess teenagers can't have babies) Her mom, the irresponsible prostitute, and Crazy Grandpa. But then I decided to play with the texture detail setting, and the game crashed and they all dissapeared back into limbo. oh well. They will live on forever in our hearts and memories.

I was looking through my NTFS external drive (the one with all of BAhia and Bobbys stuff backed up on it.) and took bobby's Anniversary mp3s. They're about as good as everyone says they are, so I'm enjoying them now.
Um yeah. that's about it.

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