MegaMan (megaman) wrote,

today is another day of work! I have nothing to look forward to. actually that's not true, but anything I am looking forward to I have no control over, so that just makes it suck. What kind of life is it where you look forward to little more than the weekend, or not being at work, or something.
So I think I am doing Kim Saunder's play. hrm... I kinda want to dick around in photoshop right now, but I really have no muse. I also have no stock photography even though I really want to make a joseph poster to save me from the drugery. oh, look I miissed howard stern this morning.
I should tell pat about how the photo printing could raise money for atlanta. they're fucking selling puppy hand puppets for

What the hell is the deal with Diamonds????
My god, if I had Children, and there was a "take your child to work day" it would be so horrible. My job is like one of the lonliest, boringest things concievable. And I'm pretty pissed

I hope Veterans get lots of money. especially the ones who lose body parts.

I have to admit I do apreciate that Bush is forcing the elections in IRAQ to go forward. I still think he's an idiot, but I think that it's good that he's not letting this get compleatly tired down in red tape. It's too bad he isn't an intelegent person who had intelegent conviction...

So listening to the radio, I started thinking about how to really diseminate information about the messed up things that the governement is doing, and I basicallly came up with an idea of making a movie. Then I realized that I had come up with exactly what Michael More had done.

9:00 I watched guys and dolls Jr! it was special! huzzah!

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