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so after about 5 years of no communication I initiated an e-mail dialouge with Olivia. She replied and seemed glad to hear from me. That is nice. Momoko came over yesterday. That was fun. I showed her the lameness of stanford shoppin center. She kinda left with the impression of "wow, now I understand why you said you haven't been here in 3 years. this place is not very interesting." I mean, if you wanna buy $150 Shirts from bananna republic and shit it's ok, but otherwise. then we had fun with pictures of me posing in my dorm room from freshmen year. I should go through my iphoto and really organize all that shit. Although I hate how iphoto dosen't embed info into its files. that's bullocks. so like, I gave Momoko like 2GB of photos and they're all just in one big collection. so she will have to sort all that shit. but oh well.
Yeah. um. Oh yeah, so I'm gonna try and have a wingspread party soon. that'll be neat! hrm... Maybe I should Call the apple store again. um.... bleep bloop.
I need to work on my japanese and shit. uh. yeah. man.
I want to make stuff. I think I am going to? uh, but so lazy! and content. I could just play video games more. I kinda just want to return stupif mario and luigi superstar story. I'm like 60% of the way through the game, but it's just fucking boring at this point. oh well. I've had these three games for like a month now. but that's fine. since I downgraded my account to 2 games but still had 3. um. yeah. I'm hella gonna make shit! right now! fucking watch me!
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