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I've tallied up everyone's schedule, and I would like to Officially Announce that the wingspread & alumni holiday party is going to be at my house on the evening of monday the 27th at 8 until whenever. it's going to have a white elephant gift exchange element so, bring a present.
Also, I'm hopeing to have some food and some champagne or wine or something classy for the people who can drink it legally, but anyone who wants to bring drinks or food is welcome to. It's not a potluck per se, but the more cookies and food the merrier, right? (also I just spent too much money on Christmas presents...)
I will post and e-mail people who aren't on this thing also, but spread the word and RSVP either to my e-mail ( chris at ) or by replying to this comment. Anyone whose ever been involved with a wingspread show is invited, and spouses/boyfriends/girlfriends are all welcome.
If you have any questions call me.

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