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I'm watching Scooby doo. it's the harlem globe trotters episoide!

Well well well. It's 2:28 and I have a 10:00 class but I cant sleep. Too much Thinking and not enough sleeping.
I was talking to Julia today and now i'm stuck thinking about things. She and Helen were telling me about how Edie is upset because none of Adrian's friends came over to visit her and all she talks about is Adrian. It makes me feel guilty that I didn't actually go and talk to her or anything. I feel silly that Bobby went over to their house more than I did. I mean, yeah, I was at college, and then I was working all day, but I could have gone if I had really wanted to. I went to play games with Dora but oh well.
I was also thinking about what I'm doing, again. I managed to spend most of the day sleeping and talkng on stupid IM. I didn't do any studying, or read any books, and i barely wrote a 3 page essay, which I still need to proffread and edit so it's good. I was thinking about what I'm going to do, and what my skills are and stuff. For example, sometimes I feel like I'm wasting my acting talent by not working at it anymore, and not really pursuing it or anythng. it's something that maybe could pay off ultimaly. also, I used to be all smart and knowelagble, but now I dont feel like I'm learning at the same rate as I used to. I dont read a bunch of books and study alot. in fact, I havent checked out a single book from the library! I wanted to live at the library when I first knew I was going to college. ( wow, Scooby Doo is so retarded. and it's the amazing Harlem Globe Trotters Episoid again.) It's hard to write all these thoughts whith stupid cartoon network is playing. and Momoko is talking too. oh well.
darn it. I was going to write more, but now stupid momoko's room ahs crushed my inspiration. I'm hungry. at least I Got this much out. I was worried that I would forget it.

Why did I even write this? I almost never tell people stuff like this.
oh yeah, i remember something else I was thinking of
oh but then I watched Scooby Doo, and it ruined my mood to tell stuff. too bad for you.

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