MegaMan (megaman) wrote,

I am reading live typing of what Steve Jobs is saying... I feel super nerdy.
I'm hella excited about Tiger!!!! Man oh Man! I want it now!!!!
I had weird super sugary coffeee this morning. it was lame.
man, I hope I get more free stuff from my job. and by more I mean some. I mean, the free .mac is kinda neat, and it's nice that I didn't have to pay $100 for it. I also kinda want applecare on my powerbook, but it's fuckign $350!!!! garrrr.

hahah techtv makes me so happy. isn't that lame??? oooo now they're talking about ipod accessories! I need to pimp out my ipod.

OMG they added subfolders to the iphoto organization scheme!!!!!! FUCKING ABOUT TIME!

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