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some exciting thinking.

man, I really need some sort of larger goal.
This time last year I had chatauqua to motivate me to write a play. I should go back and turn that play into a real script instead of a workable draft.
I have a (what I think at least) is a good idea for a script. I think it would be fun to live with nick dulin because then we could set deadlines for doing things and then stress about them, but actually end up getting cool stuff produced. and then I could be a G5. that would be kinda neat.
I keep listening to plays like this and Tick Tick Boom, and say "I could write something like this!" which is true, I could... if I had something that I cared about enough to write about. right now my highest priority is reading product announcements for mac products on the internet.
Also, I keep thinking that I should actually get involved in the bay area theatre scene, but I don't because I have time management problems. I mean, I got home at 10:30 and managed to be on the internet non stop until 1AM (which it is now) mostly because I didn't really have anything that I felt would be a better use of my time.
I keep saying that I'm waiting for the TREO650 to come out, and then I can just type things while I'm at work and things like that. Which is true, there's lots of times that I've wished I could just jot down notes and stuff.
I need to write out some priorities and things that I need to do now that I don't have the structure of school.
* wake up earlier
* don't watch TV during the week
* don't go on the internet.

hrm... if I just did thoes three things, I would have lots more time.
but yeah, even if I had lots more time, I still don't really have a goal about how to apply it. Maybe I should try proof reading my Cat's Journey book. or something like that. I think what I need is AIM that's not tied to sitting infrount of my compuyter. like a headset with AIM built into it, so that I can do things and have peer companionship. yep... I need the constant attention of peers and such. hrm...
I need to make more stuff......... money is one of the things. I need to save much better also. and I need to get my IRA account in line. maybe I can do that tomorrow.
So, maybe some new ipods tomorrow morning... that'll be neat. bluetoothy fun....
well... maybe something will come up now that it's wake up time. that means summer.
I also should work on that Filemaker database for PACT now that I actually have File maker. actaully I'm super worried that the drive is going to break and we're going to lose all the data. I also need to make a photolog of my life. just the view out the window.

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