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Some thoughts and things!

I'm reading my windowsXP missing manual book, and on paper windows looks great. It's funny how much stuff the macs have that windows also have, and yet there is something that makes the windows version hard to use. is it the fact that no one knows there is an addressbook in windows? or just that even though you can search through the contents of documents as well as search for people and find their phone number via the internet, the fact that the search dialouge dosen't even load correctly half of the time negates that. I think I changed what i was writting half way through that sentence.
So, I got the panther server installed on the G4. I'm glad I didn't have to buy it, because I really have no reason to use it at this point, and I don't even know what good it is. It's just that I wanted to play with it. I really want to set up some awesome servers that automatically back shit up. I also want crazy mods for my powerbook. then I could hella impress my coworkkers. mahahaha!

crap, I forgot to post this last night!!!


Last night I had a sexy make out session with someone who is probably reading this. I'm not going to say who, but it was nice and I was like, this is much better than nothing. Then I got into secret programmer rooms in final fantasy 1.
I feel like I've had several dreams where I get into weird secrets in the old final fantasy games and get like secret characters and stuff. I need to beat my games. I'm sad that Video Game playing has become such a low priority for me - especially considering how much time and money I've invested in it over the years. I guess it's like, was that a means to an end, or an end in itself. Of course, if I start measuring everything I do against a long term scale it's very hard to come up with a net gain. Not becuase what I do is not important, but because it's difficult to weigh ordinary life on an exestintial scale and come up with a surplus.
It is ironically a family circus strip that illustrates this best, and has served as a sort of reminder to me for a long time. Billy is talking to his dad about the goal at the end of the road, and it has a nice illustration of like a big glowing thing at the end of the road, and his dad is like, "that's not how life works. there's lots of little happinesses along the way." and then there is a picture of billy reinterpreting this, and is bouncing from little glowing spot to little glowing spot all along the sides of the road. Beyond that the family circus is entertaingly retarded. I don't hold anything against it, I mean I doubt Bill Kean would have a high tolerance for Cloud's Mystery Hour, but if it's trying to be in touch with reality, well... it's not exactly...

hrm... what else.... I spent hella time yesterday trying to restore some order to my room.
My biggest problem (once again) is that I don't already have a place to put things. So it's not just putting stuff away, it's creating a place to put it away and then putting it away in an organized manner. also, I have almost zero flat working space. so prettymuch everything ends up on my desk or on my couches. it really sucks. Right now my desk is covered in reciepts and shit. I need to get some filing cabinents and put all my finances in there. hrm... woarh.
hrm... maybe that's all there is to talk about this morning. internet is stupid...

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