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21 March 2005 @ 03:06 pm
So, Terry Schiavo's article on acbnews.go.com ends with links to two different sites:
www.terrisfight.org and www.finalexit.org
I looked at them and immediately summarized that the former is pro christian bullshit and the latter is info in support of letting her pass away. less than a second after I clicked on the finalexit.org link, because I deduced that it would provide further support for what I already believed. It made me realize how we are no longer subjected to contrary opinions, we no longer have to draw our own conclusions from unbiased neutral source, we can have affirmations handed directly to us, without even having to be aware of what other sides of an issue are.

I looked over terrisfight.org (incidentally I thought her name was terry with a y so why not terrysfight?) and I don't know.
I think it comes back to my post on friday about my cat and how I believe that our culture really, really, really doesn't know how to deal with death. I mean, my cat is 18 years old! that's 16 years longer than "natural" life expectancy and like 4 years longer than "average" domestic cat life expectancy, he has liver and kidney problems, and arthritis and only 3 teeth. The vet says we can start giving him intravenous fluids once a week, but that's kinda ridiculous. I don't want to have to deal with my cat dying, but I don't want to know he's all old and in pain and feeble and we're just prolonging things.
So with Terry, I think it's much more the parents' (and those who are vicariously pretending to be her parents) inability to deal with death that is keeping her alive. not a love of life, or a wish to preserve terry's chances of being a great writer, or mother, or benefit to the world, I really think it is a wish to not have to deal with knowing that she is dead. I mean really... Dying only hurts the people who are left alive, and unless the parents know she is an un-repented serial rapist and want her to re-grow her brain so that she can develop speech and then confess to a priest, and if she doesn't she will go to hell, then I don't know why they aren't just letting her be with God. Except that this whole issue is giving them a purpose, and letting them be martyrs. If she dies, what will they devote their lives to?
I really think this is for them and not for terry.
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Genegdw on March 22nd, 2005 03:08 am (UTC)
The whole controversy is somewhat ridiculous. Either A) Terry Schiavo is dead, dead, dead and is beyond all hope of coming back, or B) She is simply very damaged, but there is a small remaining chance that she might recover or medical advances could repair some of the damage in the future.

But neither of those really matters: what's really at stake is this: in cases without a living will, does her ex-husband (they're still technically married, but he has a SO who's basiicaly his wife, and kids, so the marriage is just so he can say what happens to Terry) or her parents get to say if she is let starve.

Now since she was of legal age and her husband says she didn't want to live like that, the law would be on his side. But her parents think she might recover, so they're challenging his right to speak for her. And thanks to outside parties who couldn't care less about these people but want to set a legal precedent for their respective agendas, its distracting people from more pressing matters (I'd like to say Iraq or the economy, but people would be ignoring that for reality tv or celebrity sex anyway).

Of course, since regardless of her ability to recover, she is currently non-aware(more-or-less) this is definitely about what her (ex)husband and her parents want than about whatever she wanted. So even though I absolutely detest what the Republicans are trying to do here in serving their hypocritical, theocratic "Culture of Life" platform, I kinda side with them since if she's really brain-dead like they say, she's not suffering, and I'm more sympathetic to her parent's wish for a warm, breathing body that looks like their daughter and they can feed than I am to assuage her husband's conscience at moving on with his life.

That the right-to-life movement could have saved a lot more lives than at most, one(Terry), with the millions of dollars being spend on this case (same goes for her husband and co) just saddens me further.
MegaManmegaman on March 22nd, 2005 07:12 pm (UTC)
Re: Bleah
The thing I love Is that first of all this go against the sactity of marrige... If Marrige is so important and critical and important, why are they saying "no actually It dosen't matter what the husband says, because it's different not what we think." Also, what happed to Less goverenment??????? Why do we have a special conventioin of congress to decide this, when they wouldn't even do anything why California was without power?????!!!!!!!!! God, this is super pissing me off!!!! JERKS!
Siner Dsirnerd on March 23rd, 2005 01:53 am (UTC)
Re: Bleah
i didn't know this became such a big deal. I thought it was a one day news thing. I don't understand why it's such a big deal either because I'm sure it happens at least once or twice a year. Is this lady famous or rich or something?

I don't know about the medical advancements argument. We can argue to try to keep everything alive because theoretically there is a chance of cures for anything coming up anytime soon. Like would you want to keep your friend with AIDS unnaturally alive through a bunch of tubey nasty machines just because there might be a cure sometime in the future? Basically they're taking away people's rights to choose life or death during a coma situation if they rule for the parents. Or making it so everyone will have to write a will really early on in their life to tell people on paper whether they want to stay alive or not. Maybe it'll be an option like organ donation on your driver's license.
arkmay on March 29th, 2005 06:52 am (UTC)
Another flawed argument from the "Culture of Life" belief system (or b.s.) is when they say that pulling the plug is against God. Certainly God didn't shove a feeding tube into her body. Those people could easily say that she is currently in an unnatural state that is against God right now. (Hell, that's what the Christian Scientists are/should be saying.)