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I did something really interesting last night, I was going to write about it.
I really want a decent camera on me at all times. and this isn't a pipe dream, because when I had one in japan I hella used it.
changing music... to pressure chief. oh wait iTunes crashed because of the awesomeness of my NFS network mount! huzzah.

um, yeah, I designed a little paper for people to recieve when they purchase procare.
I'm getting tired of working the floor, because I just do the same thing over and over without improving. I need to figure out how to use .mac and stuff.
I also drinking cofee that is all ghetto. and gross.
hrm... if I could just use the LJ thing to upload photos that would be awesome. or if i had a treo that would just sync the photos when I dock it.
yep. Ah instant cofee, it's great for writting in the summer.
I wish I could say hi to that wheelchair guy who goes past every day. I hate being stuck at work. it's so constricting. man.... um yarp.

Chelseeeeee McCullom (spelled wrong) called me yesterday and we talked. it was nice. hrm... fuck you bathroom cleaning, you were not part of my schedual this morning.

I'm pretty excited about moving out potentially because then I (in magical pretend land) can have more ownership of my time and life and space. no!!!! don't be on random!!!!!! I wanted to listen to the entire album all the way through!!! oh well, at least it's cake and all their songs are good. They are definantly on my 2nd tier of favorite bands.

I wonder where I got all these cake albums from... I don't own any of them... oh well stealing I guess. JUST LIKE ERICA DIAZNOI AND HER STEALING!!!!!

um.... yeah.
So one of the reasons I so obsessed with taking pictures is tied into my other neurotic things like being productive and other things like exestential questions about the worth of life. I keep thinking that pictures are a way to preserve the moment and prove that it happened, and each time a picture is looked at it's like that is the product of the action. (that makes no sense. Summer makes me manic!!!!!!!!)

oh, now my music library decided I dont have permission to it. great. I wonder if my dad is trying to remote fix the server. I should back it all up first...

I'm publishing a new .mac homepage. it is 48 pictures of me and things I find important. mostly pictures of me. avast!!!!

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