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my new belt

1:45 So I went outside and Helped bury Maxwell. It wasn't that bad. I'm that I actually did it. I mean, when pixel was put to sleep, I just kinda pretended I didn't notice that she was not around. I felt like I'm one step closer to balancing my frustrating love/hate relationship with death. I wonder how obvious it is. I mean, the Zombie Play? what do you think motivate me to write about a zombie being the hero?
Well, I feel fine now. kinda sad, but at the same time happy. But if I think about the past, I can make myself more sad. If I don't think about it I feel less sad. Is the best way to deal with this just to not think about it? Or what? What part should I think about? Did I mention that I like this song playing?
I kinda want to just sit around in my room. I also want to buy a new camera at Frys. I like my new belt. it is a nice day out today. Maybe I will just go walk around. or go to frys. or something.
The good part is that I will feel fine tomorrow.
it was just like he was sleeping. Oh conflict.
I think I will take the mummy Wraps off my iClear.

06:13 pm
I really like this belt Lauren Convinced me to buy! Super Score!!!

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