MegaMan (megaman) wrote,

my computer again!

12:09pm: Howdy! I got my power cable back! that makes me happy!
now I can use my computer again!
I need to make a pages template for the PACT newsletter!
12:15pm: Today is Brittany's Birthday. I bought her some presents, but I wish I had a better relationship with her. Maybe we can go hang out tonight. I don't know what we would do however. We don't really have many shared interests.
we are going to have 6 Phantom tollbooth Jr. DVDs. wow.
I need to get one of thoes transmitters to let her use her new ipod in her car.

2:55pm: yep. feel like I'm going nowhere again. bleep bloop. cha cha choog.

in other words, I hear that the treo 650 is now availile and usable with t-mobile

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