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god, I was just thinking a little bit about all the jerk people who come into the apple store... man... this guy got mad at me because OS9 is crappy. This guy came in and was like "my boss said to move to mac. I need a program that will transfer all my files and make the directory structure the same. And he was being a jerk. he was like "it's switching my colors!" and other stuff that didn't make sense. He also wouldn't tell me what model he was running. he's just like, "it's a mac" and then glared at me. after about 20 minutes I found out he was running OS 9. I told him that the sure fire way to fix things is to get OS X. and he's like "I can just get a good computer from craig's list" and then I asked one more time what the physical shape of the mac was, and he said it was a cube, and I was like "oh wow! thoes are collector's items. you should be able to get some good money for that."
But god damn, he had so much agression directed at me, and it's like "you're using the operating system that is 7 years old!" but he came in not wanting to change, and so he really wasn't interested in solving his problem...
oh well.

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