MegaMan (megaman) wrote,

Man oh man.
I love some good cofee in the sunny morning. I wish I could get up at 7, instead of 8... I used to in santa cruz. I like the morning better than the night anyways, I just hate going to bed and relinquishing control of my time.
That's really my biggest problem... letting go of my time.
I think I can balance my life if I always have one nice big project that I'm working on. I'm excited because I'm actually doing the zombie play DVD, and it is actaully looking good, and I've only had to recompress the movie 2 times!!!!!! (man oh man, the G5 is so fucking sweet for movie compression. I wonder if Core Video and FCP5 is going to make it even faster????

Last night I had an audio chat with parker through his computer. He was kicking it with Kevin and

  • More video game thoughts.

    man, Fallout 3 was really fun. I kinda miss it, but it was so time consumeing! blarg. Have too many games to play.

  • SF4 costumes

    Why are the home made mods so much better than the Fucking official ones?

  • crazy

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