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Dave Chapelle is very funny.

I'm Rick James Bitch!


So ghost in the shell ended last night.
I must say I really enjoyed the run.
hrm... what to do.... I need to clean. I really need to clean, and deposit my cheques.
hrm... and just general orginazation.
I'm going to make a printed book of my Livejournal as a birthday present to myself. I think that will be nice. I can put it on the coffee table.
man, this song is nice. but it's even better because it reminds me of the show. I keep thinking I'm going to move. I think I am. but I don't want to go alone. but maybe I should. it would not be the first time I've taken the plunge. That's what I have problems with, just taking the plunge. Also getting away from the internet. More people need tiger so we can do iChat.

I saw Chuck Merritt yesterday. He didn't really remember me, but that's ok. I bet he gets alot of students who remember him.

Also, Alot of viruses have been going out from and so I've been getting a lot of mail undeliverable errors when they bounce back. God I hate viruses. I wish we had a section9 that would kill evil hackers and shit. man I want my 3rd cup of coffee. or something... I want to make another video. just like when Nick and I made that pirates don't video in 3 hours. I want to live with people and be able to say, "lets make something" and then actually make something.
Maybe I should go and try and join Olde English or something....

ok I bought back my paid account shit. huzzah!

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