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oh my god, why the hell did I write all the links as absolute links!!!!
Also, how did I manage to lose all the Server side DB files? Blah I can't even look at them to see what was going on, or anything!!!!
I should make Mark fix it

in other news, I think that people like ravi and patrick would really enjoy having a mac. I mean, if I get excited by being able to make widgets and automator actions, I think they would have a wet orgasm. especially patrick. hohoho.

hrm... I wonder if I should start posting a RSS single panel comic or something. I think at this point, I just need a premise, or something. Maybe I will just take a picture everyday and then photoshop it until it's funny.

I was reading in my recently checked out book on writting screenplays, and one of the things it said was take a snapshot of random people, and then invent a story about them. I think that's a good sounding idea.
Man, now that I have something I want to do, I see my deadline to get it done and go to work is aproaching. man, I always need some deadline to make me move.
I need to find out about a contest I want to enter and then set out to win it.
like a film fest, or something. or a writting contest. what is a good place to find out about this stuff? someone please comment relevant stuff.

I forgot to post this when I wrote this.

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