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30 May 2005 @ 09:19 pm
bleep bloop. work again today.
Maybe my banjo cds will come soon.
I wish I could blow all my money on a HD TV.
The new rocket summer sounds a little too similar to the the first album's songs musically. like the insturmentation is very similar and the chords sound similar. but it's still pretty awesome. one of thoes things where if I had heard the second album first, I would think it was better, and the first was good, but not awesomely better or anythihng.
man. my stomach hurts and I have to pooo.

now late tonight:
I sold hella today. I sold the Video Applecare, and that's a $800 phone support. and stuff! yeah! $10,000 sale!
Also alex came and visited me at lunch. that was fun.
Current Music: Move to the Other Side of the Block - The Rocket Summer - Hello, Good Friend.