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Kevin's Graduation

Kevin's Graduation
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So this is A picture of Erin's Mom's house at which we had the

awesome Yuba city Pool Party.

That was fun. I need to write more about my trip to chico.

I think it was good. It was good for me to get out of the house and

go somewhere else and realize that just changing my location wasn't

going to make my life feel more fulfilled. but yeah. (oh, I just

remembered I need to make the new diskwarrior CD...) so... um...

yeah, the chico experience was nice. it gave me a little more to play


So, I've talked a little bit about the idea for the play/movie/story

that I'm concocting. Basically, It's about three people who don't

have any challenge in their lifes, and then get really bored, and

yearn for some sort of external factors to come and make their lives

more interesting. but thoes external factors never come, but as they

flail about in frustration and bordem they accidentaly create events

that rock them out of their bordem. The themes are self-reliance,

existential questions, and the validity and worth of living through

other people's lives.

I think it will be interesting when I actually write it.

the problem is that since it's largely based on emo whineing I don't

know how to make it interesting. I think if I started writting now,

it would sound like a college student's live journal.

(ok, I would like to say that the new rocket summer CD has finally

grown on me, and I just can't stop listening to it. I would like to

say that it is at least as good as the first one.)

So I need a hook. My first inclanation was to have it be a musical.

where one of the characters dosen't actually have any lines, but she

is very expressive and almost comically devoted to spying on the two

boy chacters, and that is her means of expression. except she sings

Rilo Kiley songs as her only verbal communication to the audience. so

she is the main character, but the action and interest is on the two

boys - but the audience sees them through the distorted lense of the

female character's observation of them. yeah... So I need to figure

out things for the male characters to do, like venues for them to go

to where they can do intersting things, but still have a lot of

whiney diolouge. I think in my head there is too much emphasis on the

dialouge, and when I write it, I should really cut a lot of the

dialouge. Of course, the medium that I utilize impacts how much

talking and how the script is written. obviously..

I just went and rode the motorcycle. it is hard. and scarry.

Especially since I just got into an accident, and have little

confidence in my driving.

more updates to come later!

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