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my mom's come home. but that's ok. I alread had my wild party. now I can just chill. I started watching Neo Genesis evangelion on my party, and I'm almost all the way through it. I want to watch the last parts. I think I'll get patrick over here and we'll watch the last three tapes (episoid 13 and the two movies.) Poor Garrett. He's had a taste of Puzzle fighter and now he will not be satisfied until he had more. I know what he's going through. when I first got it I was playing it so much that I would close my eyes and start moving little gems around. It was a crazy rush. My head broke when my mom took away my playstation. Garret's actually prety good at video games. we played team tag mode of dead or alive 2, and he was the old man, and he was doing good. ah yes! my special English version of Last Blade for Neo Geo Pocket that I paid some guy in london $75 for. I hope it's good. I havent had a chance to play it. this week kicks ass. I just feel good. I've finally had a summer where nothing I love has died, or I havent felt worthless or stupid or frusterated. and I still have over a month before college! Hahahahahah!

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