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So it's weird to think that Brittany is in the millitary now. She does this for 4 years and then has 5 years of active duty - so essentially she is moved out of the house and will never move back in unlike what I did. I'm really impressed and proud of her acomplishment but I'm sad that now she will be even busier and more inaccessable than she was previously. I mean I don't have a very close relationship with her and I know a lot of that is because we used to fight a lot when we were young and then when we were older she just didn't have any time to hang out. I'm glad I came to this because I do feel pretty selfish and crappy that I never went to her swimming events but she always went to my theatre events.

Oh well.

It really makes me re-examine what I'm doing with my life. It really makes me want to quit my stupid menial jobs and do something else. Actually I would like to continue working at PACT because I do enjoy it - but only a few days a week.

Yeah. Hopefully I will figure something out. I like the hot.
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