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tonight vs last night.

Tonight I am gomepleasy confused and disoriented out of my head, and I dont know why. I'm really really really cold, and I think I have a fever or soemthing, but I dont have a thermometer to see if i"m sick. I'm hellllla pisses off that I missed the Odd couple tonight cause I thought I was goint to the dance, but the dance is far away, and right now I cant even go to the B building cause I dont feel good, and the physical badd is messing with my mind, and laura is irritating me in my sick state and all of momoko's friends randomly came and the one on acid said that she wanted to kill me and now I'm back in my room where it isn't freexzing, and I'm weqring my snowboarding jacket, and I'm wanting to go to liams room and watch Canible, but I dont think that I have the coherence to be around people. Fuck fuck fuck! I really wanted to go to the sagfe sex dance, but I fdeel soooo bad, I cant miss htis 1!!!! no!!! I already missed the paly, and now I"m gonna miss the deance too and then I'll be in my room. why OCulndt laura and sara come tonight instead of last night then I could have actually dsonese stuff. I have to do my RA thing. Everyone else is all busy with their own thing to do, and I dont have anything to do. I'm thinking athat I want to play ff9 but it's so torturous on joels retarded tv that I cant see anything on. It's nights likes these where adrian would come and kidnap me and take me to somewhere retarded but at least I would fell like I was out of the house, even if he was too busy trying to impress what ever other people he was with and just ignored me. puuuu. I want someone to come in here rightnow and make me do soemthing. but no one will. so I'll just be in here typing endless ly until I dont feel in pain, or until Liam Ims me again, or I pass out or something that is something happening. hrm. I dont know. I cant think of anyone I really want to hang out with right now. maybe patrick. I would hang out with patrick, he's all mellow and makes me fell better, we would probably do something silly like play video games, and have fun. why does no one play video games?? why is stan at college 8 and not down the hall? I'm soooo frusterated about not having anyoneto play video games with here. it pisses me off. hrm... I wonder oh well. Maybe soemthing 'll hapene leter. I should go and get drunk off that box of wine in liams room, but dan is there, and he is special to be around. oh well............ stupi dstupid.

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