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HEllo. I found ou that if you press like f4 or soemthing thern you erase everything that wyou have writtne. I'm using momoko's computert cause I'm in her room. Well, it seems that I'm an asshole, andthat's what I supspected that evryon thougth buyt I dinfd't think that they would tell me, and I 'm glad that they did. Liam is look at me, and he is beqwildered. I just got back from his party, and it was exciting. The cheap wine is msweeter than the expensive wine. LIam is talkting to me and I dont remeber what I was trying to sayt. how odd. he will read this tomroow. he just told me that I typoe wreally w4ll for someone who i sdrunk. being bi-sexual is fun I lost my train of thought. Liam... oh yeah, see the thing is,Liam that I'm not really typiung that well. I'm just running on what ever oinstinct thatI' have regardinhg typeing. like I have made mistakes from my slpoop hand [positons and stuff, But I'm not taking the time to backspace it, aor anythng. Like right there, i put an extra a into the thing that I typed.. well....... what I think is that I need DDR. DDr is hella fun! yesu! I swsith that DDR was in my room. but it';s not becuas it wont come out in the US until like march 26th. crqzy huh? now momoko is talking. I am liastneing to the A tenns. I put them on Momoko's computer. it is awesome.everyone should e-mail it is momoko's person that she tlaked to in japanese. They made me turn off the A teens. It's stucks. I really like them. FUCK YOU WHO DOSENS TLIKE THE a TEENS!!! FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!! i HOPE HTAT YOU DIE FROM NOTY LIKINE GHT E a TEENS. i REMEMBER THAT i SAID THAT PEOPLE THOUGHT i WAS A JERK. wELL i AM. HEY, i ALSO THOUGHT ABOUT HOW aDRIAN ALWAYS WANTED TO SEE ME DRUNK, AND NOW HE WILL GET TO.. hEY BOY-O! LOOK AT ME! i'M BEING HONEST LIKE THAT TIME THAT WE WERE IN THE HOT TUB WITH THE OTHER PEOPLE NAKED. THAT EWAS FUN. AND STUFF, THAT i SHOULDNT WRITE ABOUT WHEN i AM DRUNK, BUT NEEDLESS TO SAY, IT WAS PERTYY FUN. AND i HAD ANICE TALK WITH YOU, AND i GOT TO FINALY HEAR YOU SAY STUFF THAT i WAS SUSPECTING BUT NOT SURE ABOUT IT.BHOLFY FUCK!!! qwhewn did I it the caps lock button? man... asorry about that, but that was compyt by accidne.NOw I forgot what I was tlaking bout. yes. well. it was all good. naked hot tub orgys. I tried to get certain members of Wingspread into a hot tub all summer, but everytime Adrian would be like "no, it's not working. blah blah blah" he knoew that I just wanted to go in the hot tuib because last time I was in a hot tub "I got a hand job" as he said. he was right of course. now Gina is far far away. Gina's so hot. man. Why cant I hook up with anyone? oh yeah, it's because people think I'm an asshole. well that'xz fine. I've always thought of that as my karmic punishment for the stuff I do. so it's not really a suprise to me at all or anythjing. I dont really understand why people like me, the peorple who do. maybe it's habbit, or maybe it's ust random strupidness. momoko just laughed alot. I think she was laughing at her firneds who are curled up in her bed. but it's not me. but she0 98po8p=-o89op775ASqz I'll do more later. they are making me go to my room. Gina is nice. Gina.... I found out that some hot guys were gay at the thingy today. there werent any hot girls ther, so I was sad, cause I thougth Iw oudl get to have a hook up. and stuff. Like at the sexcapades, I thought that I would get to hook up, but I didn't. why cant people propsiton me i dnt know what the hell I'm saying. I miss helen, and I miss all my firends. I 've been thjing about updating the Pirates pages, but it's such a hassell, beacause stupid webjump dosent ley you transger both way, you can only do it one way. momoko just informer me that she was worried that I would have sex with Laura. but I wouldnt do that, because it would make things too wierd. where did my soup go
? hey i found my soup, by the way.complauine complaine... blah blah blah. ok i'm running out of steanm. byeb yebye

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