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my night

momoko hatesa me, and I'm nt suprised. uh... Iforgot wat I was going to say. but it's like there is constally a contest of egos and concitedness between us. iyt's silly, and it only happens with momoko. it's annoying. I wonder why. oh well, I guess I've done something to make her hate me. Tahat's not superings,I remember now what I wanted to tell her about why I dont want to lewt people get close to me, and that's becaue I'm stupid and hurt people, and so if you're superficial and not close to me, than I'll stay all nce and stuff, but if you get to know the real me,. than I'm not all nice. and she was so desperate to know the real me. It's just the crap that comes with being me I guess. I dont even remember what I was like in the beginning of the year to make her think anythig of me. then Adiran died, and I cANT REMEMBER ANYTHING BEFORE THAT AND AT SCHOIOL. i JUST REMEMBER THAT WAS TRYTING TO OPEN UP AND FIGURE OUT WHAT i WAS DOING (wow I accidentally put it on italics and capslock.) so then I was letting myself get emotional and then Aaron died, and I just closed up. It sucked Peop[le were making fun of me alot in momoko's room today, and even thought I know that everyone hates my music, and my pokemon, and everything I do, I dontlet it bnother me too much, but I was already feeling all grumpy and shit, and I didn't need to have people ytelling at me about how the A teens suck. Fuck you!!!!!! Cuck you!!!!!!!!! FUck you1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! man. I hope I dont let myself get angry. I'm gonna break something. I need to stay mellow or I'll just flip out and injur someone again. yeah. Louirna wants me to go to her room and say hi,. I think iwll. That scott guy was nice and so was that michale chap. I hope to become better friends with them. momoko is a fuck-head. she can go blow her self. Why the fuck do I need to listen to anylne else!?!?!?! I'm here for myself. that's what eveyone else is here for, it's certainly not for other peol;e. and stuff. everyopne can go fuck them selves. becca is right people suck. I want to just kill everyone like in columbine. well, maybe not like that. if I jkilled people , I would just take a nuke to the whole middle east (isreal and all the annoying people) and bomb them all and then let the afriacans repopulate it. you know what i dont understand? if ythe muyslims are supposed to give charities, why dont they just give one big, huge charity to the palestinies and give them a pice of thier land. but no... blah blah blha I'm a stingy muslim. I dont know. WHy the fuck is momoko alwayts on my case. Jerome didn't know my inner secrets, and we chilled all the time, despide certain people taking an objectional view to him. hrm. It's only 1:45 and it's time to go to sleep... or is it? well. since I have no changes of doing anything even remotly fun now. I fuewss I'll have to go. blah blah blah. Frustration. momoko blah blah blah... this was a stupid night. Stupid stupid stupid~!!!!! stupid!!!!!!!! STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!! look I can do html even when I'm druink. look .... fine dont look. it certainly wont be the first tiem. yeah. I dont care. lets just take the momoko path and tell everyone that I dont care.



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