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Phone calls

Phone calls, originally uploaded by zerobatsu.

My grandma died a few days ago. She did it very well. She got on hospace and morphine 2 weeks previous, and then one night she just didn't wake up. She passed in her own house, on her own time frame (she had turned 103 in april,) and pretty much in a painless morphine augmented bliss. So, yeah. I'm glad she's dead, because she was getting pretty bored and frusterated by her body not working. But she was never senile or anything. So that's good. My grandma always reminded me of my own mortality as well as all my short commings. I always liked helping the elderly at the apple store because it made me feel less guilty about not sending letters to my grandma or other things.

Actually, I am SUPER FUCKING bad at returning letters. I think because it is hard to write - I have really high quaity expectations and anything I end up writting is not good enough or is too personal. I think I need someone to be really personal with.


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