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13 February 2001 @ 10:00 pm
wierd dream in nap land  
I just had a strange dream. All I remember is that I was in momoko's room and something about school. maybe I was in a video game as well, but I remember that I could do some strage supernatural feat. and then i went home twice in a row on the bus, and it was all crazy because when I went home I talked to my dad (who was of course in the garage) and he was happy to see me. I think that I went home becasue I left my meal card there, or something, I couldnt rememebr why I had gone back home the second time, so that was strange. and all this other stuff happened tha I cant explaine. of course the strangest part is that I talked to my dad.

I have to write a psych essay about a turning point in my life now. I dont know what a good one would be. I'm thinking maybe after I got kicked out of 2nd grade, or maybe when I first went to middle school. Cause I was very different in 6th grade compared to the way i was in 5th grade. wow. Middle schools are all ghetto
Current Mood: groggygroggy
Current Music: Darkstalkers