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todays status report.

OK! todays status report is from the building formally knows as the crown library, but is currently known as the "crown learning center" by decree of a 8.5 by eleven flayer in the windowe. um, this is pretty uncomfortable, and the light is bad, so i cant actually see what im writting. uh. so i wont type much. but i bought my books. and i did my japanese homework. thaat was fun. man! i contemplated buying the macromedia dreamweaver program for $100 at the bookstore. yeah, i could just steal it, but I've never bought computer software in my life (well, nothing over $30, and i've only bought one piece of non-game software, and it was the document program on for megaman neo) so i might do it. i mean, it will help me streamline my webpage making stuff, and i'm past the oint that i have no idea what's going on and editors confuse me. that's actually a theroretical point that i have never actually reached, because I blah blah.
so, I'm kinda excited, becauser i just made yest3erday's comic from start to finish in like 2 hours last night. One of the probems i have is that i get all these ideas, but i'm bogged down by the script that i have laid out, so i just put the jokes on my notes, but dont actually use them. I mean, i wrote the current script over 6 months ago, and i'm still not done with it. oh wait, i wrote it at the end of summer. but thre is stuff i had from the first week, like the whole cammy/bb hood/cloud/dark schneider thing that i was really excited about, but havent done anything with. I'm kinda hoping to go in the direction of the multiplot lines like with sexy loosers, but i'm not there yet. actulaly what i want to do, is flesh it out so that it's more like that xxtown (i forgot the name) that that other guy does. like where everyone has a page, and it's more like the CMH comunity, as opposed to CMH the comic. Because if i continue with the comic then, yeah, it's a comic... but anyone can make a comic, and it's silly to restrict the format to 3 or 4 pannles like i've been doing. it's really an arbitrary artifical artifice held over from the newspaper comic conventions, along with just making it easier. Of course, because i work with pictures of fixed sizes it's not as easy as say, a sprite comic, who has nice alpha layered characters to work with. of course, I should really go the direction of say a speider man ?(one word, but cant see screen to accuratly edit it.) and make the panles different angles and shapes and shuch to work with the constant presence of the background. of course the background is very non conducive of anything. I really should take them outside one weekend, and just make a little story. like, a serise of pictures... hey, i could make a choose your own adventure. that would be cool. see, that's the point of puttig stuff on the internet. so that there is a higher level of interaction with the recipient, or rather... the USER!!! wuuuu! ''man i really wanted to e-mail something to my mom. but i cant rememebr. iw as in the book store, and i was thinking , ?"man, i should just e-mail from Megaman neo, but then i realized that my e-mail thingy wasnt set up. and then i realized that i would just gt alot of crap spam, cause i got on the wrong mailing list, and now get the trahsyiest spam ever. and they send me stuff like 50 times. thaqt'a whats niceI'm talkig about my secret account, not the mrsouthpark20 one. that one is nice, bcause i dont get any random spam. only the occosional cause i was studid and allowed my self to be put on a mailing list somewhhow.
oh. I want my nose spreay. that's what i wanted to e-mail her about.... i think. bleah. I'm in a book place! I want to read. I know when i go back to my room I'll just do something stupid. but i'm having fun. not being in my room. but i want to make the website better. and i need to update the pireates site. i wonder if it's smallenough to put on nate's site. i should at least make the geocites one work. appearently the guestbook is filled up with porn.
I like writting. it's kinda silly that lj is more like a message board or something. where there is an oppion that you need to post stuff to entertain other people. i like typing. kevin pryde finger orgasams.fuck! my finger still smells like pussy, but its only been in my mouth. of course, all my nasty back of the throuat saliva smells like pussy, but i think that's becasue when ever i smell pussy it has my saliva all over it. hehehehehe. yeah, i could use some pussy. i thought about buying a fake pussy yesterday as i was watching porn, but because I'm saving up for aps2, and i'm thinking of buying software, i dont think i will. especially since they cost more than $30 usually. unless of course someone wants to buy me one.... (hint hint) or if they have a better alternative.... (and sorry bobby, but your ass is not a better alternative, it's just an alternative.)
uh. maybe i can write some lyrics to tings. i was thinking of some japanese lyrics as i was walkig to the bokstore. and i remember the time i made this really cool song in japanese. it was all obscene, it was great!!! but when ever sit down to write lyrics i cant really think of any. maybe i will read my book. plural. man, for some reason, my brain is still traped in the world of websites and html code. that book i got from the pa main library was reqally good. i want o go to the ucsc main library and see if they have the html/xhtml book. they had all these xml books at the book store, but they were not what i wanted. i like ones with history and explanation of the ideas, not just examples of code. so I might get dreamweaver. it looks fn. and i have eough money. it's really fun to be like , "no i cant buy that, cause i need to save, when i know that i could buy it, and probably be fine." (but the " right after the word save.) uh, sex. i see. someone just said it was 1:35. i still havent figured out how to make this thing post gthe time accuratly. ut i will. i chekced different options this time, and if that dosent work, i will got the faq. wow this inputs the letters much slower than i can type, so i'm all waiting fo rit to catch up. uh

i didnt tkw a shower. but thias chair is comfortable. i think iw ill get the dreamweaver, but i'm gonna research it first. oh yearh! i got a windows software price guide, so i can see how much i am saving! huzzah! i also put the websites for some of my classes to auto sync onto megaman neo, so that if the teacher updates the site, i will have the most reecent version! and i can see the homework assignments. i need a better way to arganize the homework assignments. i wish i could graffiti faster, so i could write down my homework easier. wow! i seriously waited like 40 seconds for that last sentance to catch up. ok. i think i'll end this entry now. i think i will use the cloud picture because i usdiscussed the cmh site so much. did you know that all my pictures mean something? and i use them in a logical fashion acording to what i'm posting, or the overall emotion. i doubt anyone can figure it out. but if you do, your special, and you can see when i'm being serious about stuff based on which icon i use. maybe someday i'll write up a key to which icon means what.

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