MegaMan (megaman) wrote,

Another happy morning

Another happy morning, originally uploaded by zerobatsu.

So we're going to my grandmother's memorial service. I wish my mom didn't think I was a lazy fuckup. I feel like it's my fault. Like I work really hard at my job, and outside of my home people seem to think I'm not bad, but it seems all she sees is me leaving the dishes out or being late. And then when I am late she's like "you're being disrespectful!!!" which of course was not my intent but it seems like maybe it was because she keeps saying it. I don't know. I simultaniously hate living with my parents & don't want to leave. But the not wanting to leave is more for their sake. I don't want my mom to be all alone. I think she should help paint sets at pact, she might really like that. She could hang out with Mia's mom. I think they would get along well.

God damn! I just tried to talk to my mom about this idea, and she's like "you didn't brush your teeth did you?" yeah thanks... I know I have gross breath because I am sick and have cat allergies and have mucus in my throat. Thanks for telling me again, because I'm not already excessivly self concious about my odor and looks and what not. Would it hurt to give me a real compliment? Or like say "that looks cool" instead of "needs some work." god. And I wish my father wasn't so antisocial. but that's a different story. Blah. Getting carsick.


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