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Something that I thoughts

I guess I have a few things I can update on.
So... Today Ravi and Alex and I Went apartment "hunting". except by hunting I should say "lazying"

um... I made this thing:
Song: Sparkling Diamonds
Album: Moulin Rouge!
Artist: Nicole Kidman, Jim Broadbent, Caroline O' Connor, Natalie Mendoza & Lara Mulcahy

it's an automator script that will Check your currently palying song, and then upload a copy of the art to .mac and then put html into your clipboard. Expect a bunch of posts as I try and get it working better. Right now, it just makes the filename out of the current time, and there are lots of problems based on the limitations of my programming knowledge. arrr.

You Don't Know My Mind - Bluegrass Intentions - Old As Dirt

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