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Weekend Report

oh... I saw aloha say the pretty girls today. it was neat, and funny, but it was all about how people's lives are meaningless and disfunctional and they are miserable, and i didn't like it because it reafferms my suspicion that i will be doing the same thing with my life. I really dont know what I'm going to do in my life. do I try to become suscessful and money-good, or what?

oh, I have my schedual pretty much down for next quarter:
59798 JAPN-003 -01 ELEMENTARY JAPANESE 5.0 LEC M W F 9:30a 10:40A KRESGE 325
TH 10:00A-11:10A KRESGE 194

62874 JAPN-012F-01 POST WWII CULTR&SOC 2.0 T 7:00P-10:00P SOC SCI 2 075

62108 THEA-80T-01 QUEER THEATRE 5.0 4 A T TH 12:00P-01:45 TA 2ND STAGE

59424 EDUC-080 -01 INTRO TO TEACHING 5.0 LEC T TH 4:00P-5:45P MERRILL ACAD 102

PE: P292
160864 PHYE-043G-01 BEG TAE KWON DO M W 11:00A-12:30P WEST GYM SONG, S.

[optional if i can get japanese as independant study:]

W 7:00P-10:00P SOC SCI 2 075

so, that means that japanese 3 conflicts with my current teaching, but if I get it independant study, I will be able to continue teaching, and take the japanese liturate class. but actually it's probably not wise to take the lit class and teach, because the lit class is upper division, and probably pretty hard. but, I can always try. Tomorrow I will talk to my teacher about getting independant study for japanese.

The crucible is comming along stupidly, but that's to be expaected.

I tried out for Rocky Horror Today. there werent many people, and I was feeling sick. The onlyu part I tried out for is Dr. Frankenfurter (Tim Curry). I didn't remember it too well, but ryan and Liam said I did a good job, despite not knowing what I was doing exactly. That would be relaly cool to be Tim Curry. hahahahah!
Afterwards, I went back to my room and played monster Rancher 2 with liam. I forgot that Liam reads faster than ravi, so playing RPGs is different thatn when I play by myself, and read at a more relaxed, cinematic pace. of course, all the text in monster rancher is pretty innane and repetitive, so it's not as bad as trying to play ff22 for the first time or something.

Now I am about to revise the lesson plan for the kiddos, and type up the instructions, and some nouns and verbs. darn, I should have gotten more madlibs this weekend. I'll have to do that tomorrow night. after that, I'm gonna try to memorize the vocab for japanese. last time, I actually got to study, and I got a 14 out of 15, which is pretty good.

I've been playing megaman ledgends 2 alot lately. I think I'm close to beating it. then I will but megamanX5. or something. yeah... i dont know...

tomorrow I need to finish registering for classes, and then set up an interview for the RA position. I hope that there are times that I can interview still available. man... ok. lots of work I should start getting on top of... oh, I also have japanese homweork... blarg.....

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