MegaMan (megaman) wrote,

Parker's rage against the machine.

So... I am off to japan with parker. Yep. Don't know what is going to happen. I should bring back lots of presents for people. My breath and my shoes smell bad...

did I mention that burning man was lots of fun? It was. I look fatter in the photos this year than last year, which is because I am fatter now. But that's what happens wwhen you don't exercise.

going to japan is bizzare because airplanes make you lose your perception of distance, so it's just a random abstract thing.

We talked about momoko a bit at burning man. That was nice.

parker is playing ghosts and goblins and he is not happy about it.

I don't know what to say on livejournal on my phone. It's weird.

Oh snap, my LJ's 6 year birthday came and went. Man... Well I guess we will have to see what happens next.


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