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aperture -- why is there an "r" in the middle of it?

Why does the apature user manual explain how to have two monitors hooked up? and why does it do such a basic, rudimentary job of it that it dosen't even really explain anything? but then again, I know that when they made it, they went and actually polled people about what they wanted to see in apature, and maybe people were like "i want some information about setting up my system."
I don't know.
Anyways, I'm using the trial of apature right now. so far it seems nice. at this point all I want is iphoto that can support multiple libraries elegantly and something that will actually put metadata into the fucking file so when and if my iphoto library gets corrupted I will still have the info. also so I can trade files and have the work i put into organizing them be usefull.
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