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an actual post about my life

So, I started my new job. It's neat. I can't help thinking that I'm getting paid the most I've ever been paid in my life to do something that is so insanely easy for me. It's seriously the same kinda stuff I do for fun at home. it's nice to have a few more people around, but most of them are old and weird, so no one I can chill with. but its fun. and I have to say, the mac pro is such an amazingly nice piece of hardware, especially compared to the G5. I mean man. everything just slides in, and installing ram is like the easiest thing I've ever! ever!!!!1
um anyways, something something.

oh, also my commute is less than 10 minutes. that's really nice. I would love to continue to work here. we'll see.

i need more hard drives.
oh, I got a new badge and they let me keep my old photo!
I woke up at 5:50am today. gonna try to be in about 7:15am

I think the party is looking like it might be on the 20th, because that's when patrick and mike will both be here. hopefully too many people aren't gonna gone. and by gone I mean "needing to work the next day".

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