MegaMan (megaman) wrote,

Good Morning! I am at work!

good morning LJ! I really need to make my LJ a permanent paid account. I need my user pictures back. anyways, I'm at work for the "last" day. I've already been hired on for another 3 weeks, starting jan 2, and then I think the other department wants to hire me on immediatly following that.
Did you know I'm typing this in an ichat window?
Man, the new iChat looks so great! OMG! I have to say that's like, the #1 thing I'm looking forward to having for 10.5!!!!!!!!!!! man. The screen sharing and photo sharing is gonna be so great!
so yeah. It's morning. There are cool people to talk to here. there's one guy that looks like santa clause and he worked on the lisa. crazy!

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