MegaMan (megaman) wrote,

OMG IPHONE!!! OMG!!11!!!

for the first time in my life I saw the keynote live. I have to say I was really excited, and kinda nervous. Personally, I was expecting a talk about iLife and how iPhoto is even better, but he focused like 100% on the iPhone. I have to say, the iPhone is really great. it actually surpasses the hype. It's difficult to understand how great it is until you've watched the keynote and have experience doing the things it talks about on current phones. EX: web browsing, looking at photos, not having your phone crash when it receives a phone call.... etc...
Plus it's fucking 1006% Star Trek Goodness. I mean, it looks nice and it's functional and fucking looks nice and OMG did i mention the interface? yeah, touch everything, and it works really well. holy shit, you don't understand it's a fucking human interface bonanza! yeah.... It is kinda expensive, and I don't have Cingular, but it's swayed me...
Plus the motion sensor combined with mac OS X in the phone could lead to cool things or like a loco roco game on the iphone. that would rock!

<a href="> anyways, yeah. awesome.</a>

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