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I really like the morning. I wish i could get up earlier so I could have a longer amount of screw around time. I also wish i could sleep like 13 hours every night. I set up my 401k for my temp job. you can put 60% of your earnings into it!!!! man.... that's crazy! i dont know how long it takes to get vested. but ok..... i put it at 25%.

so yesterday my boss says that we neeed to discuss our plan for the next project at 10 this morning. that's fine. but now she's not going to be there. They hired me on for another 5 weeks. I need to see if I can get a raise. I'm starting to get more responsibility. It makes the job less boring, but there's something to be said for having no accountibility. Speaking of which, i need to take a shower so i can go. I hate taking showers. Not because i dont like getting clean, just because they are time consuming and boring. Man... I am just really lazy or something. I would rather feed my worthless internet addiction than take a shower, even though i want to start coming to work earlier. and I need to shave and stuff too because yesterday I looked like a ragamuffin!!!!!!!!

Every day up until like noon I'm really excited about the day and like "I want to do all this stuff, like build a website or research or practice banjo or exercise." but then I don't do it. I think I'm more excited by the idea of doing things than actually doing it. Exercise is hard for me, because I'm like "blah, don't want to have to take my shoes off" and then i sit around for an extra hour, and don't exercise and then I'm like "i wish i was magically not fat." blah.

um yeah..... I should go poop.
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