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morning update

Good morning chachi! how's it going?
I went to bed at 10 last night. actually, it was like... 9:50pm so I went to bed before bed. For some reason I feel like patrick. i don't even remember what i did last night.
oh wait, yes i do. I took a nap from 5:30 to 6:00. then I played DDR until 7:15 (supposedly I burned 550 Calories.) then I chatted with nick until 8:00. then I went and slooooooooowly prepped the mac mini to render more of the VHS tapes that need to be rendered. and then I fulfilled one of my long time childhood aspirations and actually read the SimLife Manual. yes. The actual manual that came from the game that I begged my dad to buy me when we went to macworld in um... 1991 (I was in 5th grade.) See, All these years I never really felt like I knew what the hell was going on in SimLife, but I never really felt like reading the manual since it seemed so obtuse when I flipped through it.
I discovered that I actually had a pretty good grasp of it, and that the game is just incredibly unfocused and that making different animals based on the xmen and making them fight was in many ways more sophisticated that a lot of the sample experiments they outline in the book.
So do I feel better? I don't know. I feel like this paragraph could have been written in a more epic and succinct way. I also feel like I should get a 30" monitor. or even better, I should get an LCD arm so that I don't have to have it sitting on my desk, and can move it. hrm.... how much would that cost I wonder....

Wellll so work is going well. haha I heard my boss talking about me because she thought I was still at lunch. I think I have a way to totally solve their problems with a script. I kinda feel like I should ask for a raise do to my being super helpful, but at the same time, they've already Extended my contract 7 additional weeks due to me being great, so it's kinda like they're already paying me more due to good work. I don't know, would it be greedy? maybe if they extend my contract again (which is a possibility, because my boss keeps getting piled on with more work.)

man... you've gotta love spam:
Subject: childlike necromancer

yes.... Childlike necromancer... please tell me about stocks in the form of a neon pink jpg.

--end interlude--

um yeah... man I wish I could wake up at 6:30 on Saturday and just have a nice long day of not dealing with other people's garbage. I feel like I've gotten really selfish in the last couple years. I used to be really interested in helping people and making gifts and stuff, but now I feel like I'm just bitter and lazy and selfish. Man... bleep bloop

I've lost my 30 minute burst of energy that i had when I first work up and started writing this.

GOD THAT FUCKING NEIGHBOR KID IS SUCH A WHINEY BRAT! SHUT UP! but yeah. I need some breath freshener or something.

oh wow. Japan has an education store now! woah. Did you know japan is required to display prices of things including sales tax??????? i guess that works in a place where tax is the same in the whole country. they also have no mention of the iPhone on the japan site.

so yeah.... blepp bloop. arrrrg. guess I should go to work.

but yeah, i guess I can finally throw away that simLife manual. or just put it in the book return at the library. I wonder what they do when that happens. i know in Palo Alto they're like "NO DONATIONS!!!!! LIBRARY BOOKS ONLY!!!!" I'm surprise that doesn't get like dirty diapers or something stuck in it.

I have an idea for a website. hrm... i wonder if i'll ever get the motivation to make it. fuck computers!

I should make my LJ a permanent account.
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