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morning report reprise

So I'm pretty much accepted that more than 80% of my life is computers. Maybe I'll get tired of them in a while. some times I think about how dark my apartment is. I also think about how fun it would be to move to SF. then i think about how it's like $1000/month for a 400Sq Ft studio. I'm really excited about MIA's new songs. I would like to also play, but I just don't have that huge urge to play music. Not the same way I get the urge to dick with my comptuer. I'm just glad that the time i waste on it has actually directly correlated to me getting a job and doing well at it.
My back hurts. I think it's how i sleep. and because I have a lame bed. Nick always sleeps in really late on the weekend. I'm surprised that I woke up at 8, and like didn't want to go back to sleep. it's a strange feeling.
I think one of the reasons I'm so sleep addicted is because there's so little I'm excited about doing while I'm awake and not at work. like... There's stuff that've convinced myself I want to do, but very little I'm actually excited to do.

I was going to write something about computers, but now I don't feel like it as much.
I was going to write something about how the things people are saying about VISTA (reduced control etc...) are then same things they said about OS9 and why it was worse than windows. haha.

I think Castlevania is getting boring. It's just too much of the same, and it's not really hard or interesting. I feel like I'm just playing it so i can return it. and when I'm playing I'm just trying to master my subweapon and get 100% on all the paintings. the "puzzles" in the game are non-existant and I'm like "oh, i can't go past this. but after the next boss I'll get some random item that serves no purpose but to let me get past."
I like how they have the stages, because it means they don't have to cram the entire game into one map, and it also means you don't have to go through every stage to get from one place to another. but on the other hand, it means that you go through a stage once, and know that you never have to go there again except for the missions (which are a good way to add depth to the game, but since they just give you silly items there's not much reason for doing them) So the maps in them are really not complex.
although the game is really pretty.
I just have a thought... they should have online multiperson castlevania (kinda like the 2 player mode) where it's basically like warcraft, except with only a few people at a time. there could be teams and stuff, and you could choose different characters. Everything needs to be online. that's the future of most games. except not like FFXI online, like MGS PSP online.
The Castlevanina game is really pretty, and I like the music and the voices(!!!) and the animation is nice. plus I like haveing two people I think it's just kinda comforting and fun. I think more games need to have the river city ransom thing going on. I guess you could call it the Secret of mana thing also, but the computer was basically retarded in that, so maybe not.
Children of Mana was really boring.
I don't know what made secret of Mana so good comparativly. i think story, graphics, music and novel gameplay was what did it.
But like, I tried to play the sequel, and it just wasn't as fun. I think I really don't like the way they would take out their weapons and then put them away. that was really lame.
I wish I had the ability to make this game I envisioned. I should try and sell the idea to capcom or soemthing. I don't know. need someone to magically help me.

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