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I woke up before 7am!

I think I need to make a fake advertisement. you know, the ones where the guy is like wiggling around staring at his computer and smiling?
yeah. those piss me off.

I did my taxes! I think I'm getting alot of money back for some reason. I think because all my investments lost money of something....
I am really excited about the prospect of re-doing my room. at least re-painting it.
I want to download a pdf of my journal again.
I think it would be cool to actually print it this time, but I think there would be alot of wasted space because of how the comments are formatted.

I've actaully been putting some effort into picking up the banjo lately. The hard part is picking it up, not actually playing. most of the time I don't want to stop, but it's like 10pm or i have to go to work or something. I like work. except I don't like that it's not social. I'm excited about having a full time job. I could use the money and the stability. I still want to travel and live in a hippie commune like Daria's friend Jane in the Daria movie (you knew there was a daria movie, right? actually it's the very first thing i got on netflix. I should re-start my netflix and then rip home movies. maybe I can do that now... actually I do need to beat castlevania and then suspend my gamefly... which sucks. I wish I had a forfilling life so I could play games. um... happy thoughts.)
I think Nahtan's having a hard time with his Pop-pop's passing. The fact that I called it that shows that I'm obviously not.
Speaking of obviously not, I just texted ben and eleanor messages that consisted of the word "fart" over and over. and it's not even 7am!!!! hahahahah! except for eleanor, who lives in the land of the future. with the zombies!

I never got to make the christmas presents I spent $100 buying pieces to. hrm. maybe I will eventually.
oh man, I hella have to poo.
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